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Battlefield 1 Easter eggs
Main Easter Egg
A beginning First phase of the main Easter egg
A conflict Second phase of the main Easter egg
Normal Easter eggs
Shark A big shark hidden on Fort Vaux
Battlefield Friends Battlefield Friends audio Easter eggs on ITNOTT maps
Balloon House A Balloon house flying over Verdun Heights
Dark Souls Bonfire A sword that can be picked up from inside a bonfire
Battlefield 1 Theme tune The BF1 Theme tune will play when bringing a vinyl to the gramophone
Small Easter eggs
Double rainbow A double rainbow can be seen when it rains on Ballroom Blitz and St. Quetin Scar
Teddy bear crates Teddy bears appear in random wooden boxes and will come out when the box is detroyed
Dreadnought horn The Dreadnought ship has a horn that sounds pretty close to the theme from the film Jaws.
Battlefield theme on MCOM When sending a message with a MCOM, there is a random chance that you will here the BF theme being played.
Rare reloads
Double-barrel shotgun yet to be added
Autoloading 8.35 Yet to be added
Kolibri Yet to be added
Russian 1895 Cavalry Yet to be added
Beacon of Gondor A series of wooden pyres and when the closest one is ignited, the distant ones will follow one after another (Mission: Friends in high places)
We love DICE Los Angeles The 20 flags that are hanging on the boat, when translated with the Flag Alphabet, "We love DICE Los Angeles" (Mission: Cape Helles)
Community Test Enviroment
Unicorns For April fools, unicorns replaced the horses and had a rainbow tail effect and they could also talk