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.410 Jury

When reloading the .410 Jury revolver, there is a small chance of performing a spinning reload. During the animation, the player ejects casings and throws shells into the spinning gun.

Bald Eagle

When reloading the Bald Eagle, a rare animation of a magic trick can be performed, during which the player makes the weapon disappear before quickly revealing it in his right hand.


When reloading the RPG-7V2, an animation can play which shows the player attempt to put the rocket into the launcher upside down before throwing it into the correct position.


Rather than taking out the magazine and swapping it for a new magazine, the character will replace the gun while still keeping the magazine.


When reloading the RO933, an arm comes out from the side of the screen and offers the character another magazine, which the character then loads into the gun.


The character will "pump" the gun which results in a much quicker reload than the regular 93R reload.


A small reference to the Dead Space series, the character will use the force to load a new magazine in the gun and chamber the round. Pretty cool!