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On multiple maps, a box with 2 lights and a shovel on top of it can be found at specific locations. Approaching the shovel box causes either a green light or a red light to turn on. If the light is green, the shovel on top of the box turns towards a direction. Following this direction eventually leads you to a foxhole build fortification. Digging the foxhole reveals an altar with the Handgun in the middle which can then be picked up. The Handgun is not an unlock and can only be used until death.

If the light is red, then the Handgun cannot be found on that round. The trigger for green light is currently unknown, but it is believed to be random chance.

NOTE: To find the dig site, the player must get there without dying, if the player dies, the green light must be activated again by approaching the shovel box. Once the Handgun is picked up, the shovel box will only flash a red light for the remainder of the round. The foxhole fortification will appear only when the player who activated the greenlight is close to it.

Shovel Box Locations


The shovel box can be found behind the sandbags next to the green crates at Objective A. The dig sites are located next to Objective F in the ditch and at ??.

Aerodrome Shovel box location.jpg Aerodrome Shovel box dig sites.jpg


The shovel box can be found in a small shed at the edge of the wheat field at Objective F. The dig sites are between Objective A and B next to the water stream. Behind the barn at Objective D between a few trees. Behind the barn at Objective A.

Arras Shovel box location.jpg Arras Shovel box dig sites.jpg


The shovel box can be found inside a small building on the edge of the map close to Objective D. The dig sites are next to Objective E in the ruined building where a resupply station can be built and at [?]

Devastation Shovel box location.jpg Devastation Shovel box dig sites.jpg


The shovel box can be found on a hill at Objective G. The dig sites are next to Objective A on a cliff plateu. Next to the German deployment area on a cliffside, south of Objective G. At Objective B behind the PAK 40 on the cliff.

Hamada Shovel box location.jpg Hamada Shovel box dig sites.png


The shovel box can be found on a boat next to Objective B. The dig sites can be found at Objective C, next to the statue and behind Objective A close to the British spawn.

Rotterdam Shovel box location.jpg Rotterdam Shovel box dig sites.jpg

Twisted Steel

The shovel box can be found inside a shed at Objective C. The dig sites are next to Objective F and at Objective A.

Twisted Steel Shovel box location.jpg Twisted Steel Shovel box digsites.jpg

Handgun Animations