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Battlefield 5 Easter Eggs
Handgun A pickup weapon that transforms your soldiers' hand into a pistol MP
Snowman You can build a snowman on the maps Narvik and Fjell 625 with the Build Tool. MP
Gnomes Demonic gnomes that stalk you if you destroy them MP
Whale A whale swims along the coastline on Narvik. MP
Skier A skier skiing down a mountain on Narvik. MP
Rune Stone A stone with runic writing on the map Hamada MP
Tributes to Rob Tributes to former DICE employee on the map Hamada MP
Tiny Red Houses Tiny Red Houses found on multiple maps MP
Tractor Typing "tractor" in Your Company screen, reveals info about the drivable tractor MP
Stairway to heaven Build to the skies using fortifactions and stairs (currently deactivated) PR
Dinosaur Toy Dinosaur toy in the Tirailleur War Story SP
Spawn Beacon Morse Secret messages from the DICE audio team plays from the Spawn Beacon MP
Rare Animations
M1 Garand 3% chance to get the infamous "Garand Thumb" when reloading the M1 Garand MP
Force Grab Low chance to grab ammo/health using the force when resupplying MP
MP Multiplayer
SP Single-Player
PR Practice Range