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Phantom Trainee

This EE requires you to have a premium edition of BF 4.

When you log in to your bf4 battlelog and browse to Leaderboards, there is a skull icon on the bottom left of the page. Click on it to reveal a terminal, enter epic dream worlds to unlock the Phantom Trainee Assignment (you need to have entered the keyword for Phantom Prospect first). Completing the assignment unlocks the Phantom weapon skin.

Explanation On the map Lost Islands, in domination game mode, there is a locker with Kevin Simpson written on it. lost islands domination locker kevin simpson picture with audio background download audio > spectrogram shows EPIC

kevinsimpson profile updates. photo > bottle 500 roma n umeral D .-. on doorframe "R" wingdings character for e (astral symbol) ladder forms A viking rune symbol for M on ladder through poem clues

kevinsimpson profile pfp new planets every day > worlds

forms dream

epic dream worlds