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Dinosaur & Rubber Duck Toys

To see the Dinosaur and Rubber Duck Toys on Pearl Market you have to destroy a wall with windows at E and then jump from the top of the building into the lower floor.

Battlefield Theme Tune Radio

When you break these the blue doors at Lumphini Garden, you will find a radio. If you do not equip the veteran dogtag you will hear, when interacting with it, a beep-sound, but when you equip it you can hear the Battlefield 2 Theme Song.

Battlefield 2 Theme Song

Mini Battle Walker

To find the detailed mini L5 Riesig near G on Giants of Karelia you have to jump down to the shelf over the northern entrance. There you can interact with it. You will hear sounds which this battle warrior makes. Between the legs you can find the names of dice members who probably created it.



Plants vs. Zombies

On the map dawnbreaker you can find the Peashooter from Plants vs. Zombies (by PopCap 2009) when you spawn at the southern spawn and go to flag D. Between these point is a skyscraper with no lights, at the side from where you come is next to the wooden pallets the little green plant.

Peashooter in PvZ


Visceral EA

On many boxes in Battlefield 4 you can find the shipping adress 'Visceral EA'. There is also the productcode '1025887 4564688', the serial '125456364654', paket '213221321' and '1200' printed on.


Easter Egg Basket

These Easter Eggs in a Basket can be found on Floodzone near B in a blue shack. So when you spawn at B and want to go to C you walk straight to the building, where to its right a little bridge is and then the shack on the right hand side.


Battlefield Frostbite 2 Bottles

When you go to the Shanghai tower in the middle of the map, you can find in bar, in the east part, bottles with covers on it. There you can also find bottles with the Frostbite 2 logo on it. FrostbiteBottles.png


To hear that rare sound, Wilhelm Richards Wagner-Flight of the Valkyries, you have to be with two people in a US-helicopter on the map Operation Outbreak. Then you have to fly to the top point of the map and then fly very high.

Wagner-Flight of the Valkyries