Battlefield 4/Dinosaur Roar

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You need two players for this Eeaster Egg


On the map Rogue Transmission are two interactible switches which trigger, when pressed in the same time, a dinosaur roar and trees moving.

Location Switch 1

The first button is located on the A flag. Use a quad bike or helicopter to get on the excavator and next to the cable roll you will see a switch.


Location Switch 2

The second button is located near the E flag. Go onto the satelite dish and destroy the railing. Jump down and on the pole of the dish you will find the second button and a drawing of a dinosaur in the woods.

Sketch at Switch 2


Dinosaur Location

The dinosaur sound can be heard throughout the whole map, but the trees only can be seen shaking when looking at it. These trees are to the south east of the map and are out of bounds. Dinoloc.jpg

Jurassic Goat

This goat was a victim of a T. Rex. It is a not shown scene from Jurassic Park. A T. Rex was hunting kids and some people have thrown a flare to this goat in the chain so that the T. Rex is distracted and doesn't hunt the kids anymore. JurassicGoat.png