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Battlefield 1 Easter Eggs
Een Begin First Phase of the main, multi-phase Easter egg, unlocks the A Beginning dog tag MP
Een Conflict Second Phase of the main, multi-phase Easter egg, unlocks the A Conflict dog tag MP
Een Escalatie Third Phase of the main, multi-phase Easter egg, unlocks the An Escalation skin for M1917 MG MP
Een Omen Fourth Phase of the main, multi-phase Easter egg, unlocks the An Omen dog tag MP
An Awakening (!) Final Phase of the multi-phase Easter egg, unlocks the Peacekeeper revolver and An Awakening dog tag MP
De Kamer Opening the Isolement door with as final reward the The Room dogtag, as well as a reveal date for Battlefield 5 MP
Megalodon A Megalodon hidden under the map Fort de Vaux MP
Bloedmaan Blood Moon appears on Zeebrugge if 4 players are all wearing different Horsemen of the Apocalypse dogtags MP
Balonnenhuis A balloon house flying over the map Verdun Heights MP
Wijnfles Melee Wapen Wine Bottles that can be picked up on the Apocalypse maps and used as a melee weapon. A total of 5 kills unlock the Broken Bottle melee weapon MP
Dark Souls kampvuur A 1-hit-kill sword can be picked up from inside a bonfire on the map Rupture MP
Mandjes met Easter Eggs Two actual easter egg baskets can be found on the map Soissons MP
Piratenvlag op Torpedojager Jolly Roger after an unusual capture of an L-Class Destroyer MP
Kleine, rode huisjes 12 tiny red houses can be found on the map Rupture, scattered in 5 locations MP
Dubbele regenboog A double rainbow can be seen when it rains on the maps Ballroom Blitz and St. Quentin Scar MP
J+N An inscription with the writing J+N inside a heart shape can be found inside random wooden boxes MP
Witte tekens X shaped illustration on a painting on Ballroom Blitz MP
Kisten met teddyberen Teddy bears jumping out of a random wooden crate when it is destroyed MP/SP
Baken van Gondor Hitting the first beacon found in the chapter Friends in High Places using a rocket will make it ignite, along with all beacons encountered afterwards SP
We houden van DICE Los Angeles The 20 flags hanging on the ship seen in the chapter The Runner translate to We love DICE Los Angeles using the International Code of Signals SP
Heliograaf Morse Infiltrator's heliograph flashed a mysterious message CTE
Eén April On April Fools' Day an update added a meteor with a tiny button that triggered an encrypted morse code message; talking unicorns were also added CTE
Paarse Squad Two purple soldier models found in the CTE version of the map Prise de Tahure, along with recurring dialogues accompanying the relevant patch notes CTE
BFFs en Togo An audio Easter egg involving Battlefield Friends (BFFs) and a cat named Togo with a very mysterious finale MP
Infiltrator BFFs Infiltrator intercepts a transmission from BFFs MP
Battlefield Thema deuntje gezongen door de BFFs A crudely sung version of the Battlefield Theme Tune performed by the Battlefield Friends, followed by a short conversation about eating pigeons MP
Battlefield Vriended (BFFs) Battlefield Friends' audio dialogues on maps part of the In the name of the Tsar expansion pack MP
Neebs Air Assault Neebs yodelling or shouting in the Air Assault gamemode MP
Battlefield Thema deuntje (grammofoon) The Battlefield theme tune is played from a gramophone when a vinyl record is picked up and interacted with it on the map Prise de Tahure MP
Battlefield Thema deuntje (MCOM) The Battlefield theme tune randomly played with morse code sound effects from telegraph stations on Rush mode MP
Isolatie Deur When standing near the Isolation door on the map Fort de Vaux, various creepy sounds can be heard coming from inside MP
Monster van Zeebrugge An unknown creature can be heard on Zeebrugge MP
Infiltrator Morse While playing as the Infiltrator, a series of morse code messages will be heard whenever you stand still MP
Dreadnought Toeter The dreadnought ship has a horn that sounds pretty close to the theme of the film Jaws MP
Huilende Baby When standing behind a specific door on the map Prise de Tahure, a baby can be heard crying while his mother is hushing MP
Wijs me de weg naar huis In the chapter Through Mud and Blood the landship crew can be heard singing the song Show me the way to go home, also heard in the film Jaws SP
Zeldzame Animaties
Dubbelloops Shotgun Reload animation similar to the one seen in the game DOOM for the same gun MP
Autoloading 8.25 Extended Reload animation similar to that of the AN-94 gun seen in previous Battlefield titles MP
Kolibri The player has seemingly lost his tiny gun and is searching for it on the ground (can't be seen by the player performing it) MP
Russian 1895 Cavalry Reload animation similar to the one seen in the movie True Grit MP
Genezen Healing animation similar to the one seen in Battlefield Heroes MP
LMG 08/18 Suppressive Reload animation simulating the jack-in-the-box toy with the corresponding melody MP
MP Multiplayer
SP Single-Player
CTE Community Test Enviroment