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The Room


How many other secrets are locked away?


Creator DICE
Status Completed
Discovered 2018-05-07
Completed 2018-05-09

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On the map Fort de Vaux, there is an unmapped room which can be entered once a puzzle is solved. Within the room are three more puzzles which upon completion rewards the player with The Room dog tag. The room also contained the reveal date for Battlefield 5.

If you are having trouble at any stage of this Easter egg feel free to join the DiscordIcon.png BFEE Discord and ask for help in the relevant channel.

NOTE: The room can be opened in pre-round phase, but cannot be opened in password protected servers.

Isolement Door

Between Objective E and B is a corridor that has a locked door inside it. Above the door reads "ISOLEMENT", french for Isolation. If the door is hit with a melee weapon or shot with a gun, audible screams and something running at the door can be heard. This event was discovered in 2017-02-23. After the May Update in 2018, hidden, interactable switches appeared around the map. Pressing these switches in the right order opens the Isolement Door.



Inside Fort de Vaux are signs with french writing placed around the corridors. These signs have a switch hidden behind them which can be interacted with once the sign is destroyed. A part of the switch can be seen poking through a specifc letter on the each of the signs. Using this information, the player needs to spell ISOLEMENT by pressing the switches in the right order. Once all the switches have been pressed, a final switch opposite of the T switch becomes interactable. Pressing this switch opens the Isolement Door.

Map of the switches and the Isolement Room (Click to enlarge)

Valve Puzzles

Inside the room are two red valves that can be interacted with, but at first do nothing until the two puzzles inside the room are solved. Completing a puzzle makes a valve openable. Once a valve is openable, it can be opened indefinitely. After it has been opened at least once, it can be then closed. Doing this resets the valve by closing it automatically as many times as it was opened.


Left Valve

To make the left valve openable, a puzzle must be solved. The puzzle includes hitting the pipework inside the room on different spots until a unique sound plays. When the correct spot is found, it must be hit in total of 10 times to make it disappear. Then the spot moves on the pipes and must be found again. This is repeated 5 times until the water starts flowing again and the Left Valve is openable.


Right Valve

To make the right valve openable, an audio puzzle must be solved. In the corner of the room is a drain. To start the puzzle, a grenade must be thrown down the drain. After the grenade explodes, screams can be heard every few seconds. There are two types of screams. One is only screams and nothing else. The other is screams with metal pounding. Whenever the screams with metal pounding is heard, another grenade must be thrown down the drain. A displeased grunt will be heard if done correctly. In total of 5 grenades must be thrown down at the right moment. Throwing a grenade down at the wrong sound will reset the audio puzzle. At the fifth grenade throw, a loud explosion can be heard including a siren. Water starts flowing in the pipes and the Right Valve is now openable.


Valve Sequence

After both valves are interactable, a sequence must be inputted using both of the valves. The sequence is hidden in the markings that can be found inside the room and in the bathrooms in another section of the map. When turning the valves, press only the "open" button. If the "close" button is pressed, it will reset the valve.

The correct opening sequence is:

  • 9 times Left Valve
  • 6 times Right Valve
  • 2 times Left Valve
  • 3 times Right Valve

An audio cue plays once the sequence is inputted correctly and the valves are no longer interactable. The player who turned the valve for the last time will be rewarded with The Room dogtag and with a Battlefield theme only heard by the player.

The markings and their solution

Battlefield 5 reveal date

When the valves have been opened, water starts dripping down from the pipes. The drips are morse code which reveal the message "". This led to a website that showed the reveal date for Battlefield 5. The website included a painting of a white horse. This is the same painting as inside the Isolement room. The reveal date was then later announced in the DiscordIcon.png BFEE Discord server.