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Double-Barrel Shotgun

When reloading the Double-Barrel shotgun there is a rare chance of performing a reload animation very similar to the one seen in the game DOOM for the same weapon.


When lying prone and performing a reload with the Kolibri gun there is a chance of performing a funny 3rd person reload animation which can only be seen by other players. The player performing the reload can be seen searching for his gun, implying that he lost it due to its tiny size.

Autoloading 8.25 Extended

When you empty the clip and perform a reload with the Autoloading 8.25 Extended variant, there is a 1 in 94 chance of performing a reload animation very similar to that of the AN-94 gun seen in previous Battlefield titles.

Russian 1895 Cavalry

When reloading the Russian 1895 Cavalry gun from horseback, the player will occasionally perform a reload animation similar to the one seen in the movie True Grit. This reload animation might also be a reference to the very similar Terminator reload animation seen in the game Battlefield Hardline.


A healing animation, somewhat similar to the one seen in Battlefield Heroes, can occur very rarely and is visible both in 1st and 3rd person.

LMG 08/18 Suppressive

When reloading the LMG 08/18 Suppressive with 13 bullets remaining in the magazine there is a relatively high chance of performing an animation simulating the jack-in-the-box toy with the corresponding melody heard.