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Two purple soldier models were found in plain sight in the first CTE version of the map Prise de Tahure. These models were most likely forgotten there but instead of removing them altogether in subsequent updates, they were moved to a better hidden location. Additionally, the patch notes of several CTE updates on Reddit were accompanied by some strange dialogues, probably as a result of the community's interest for the so-called Purple Squad.


Private [Name omitted]: Lieutenant, I think they spotted us.

Lieutenant [Name omitted]: What?! How is that possible?!

Private [Name omitted]: We don´t know sir, we are running the numbers right now. Something must have gone wrong during the - -

Lieutenant [Name omitted]: We need to get back there and survey the area. Stay out of sight and use the vantage point. Keep the lights on!

Private [Name omitted]: Sir, yes sir!


Private [Name omitted]: Sir, they spotted us, again.

Lieutenant [Name omitted]: …

Private [Name omitted]: We think that someone might be leaking our positions.

Lieutenant [Name omitted]: But that´s impossible.

Private [Name omitted]: I know sir, also it seems that they are referring to us as “Purple Squad”.

Lieutenant [Name omitted]: Purple Squad? Interesting. Stay put and lay low for now, and get me on the line with our R&D team.

Private [Name omitted]: Sir, yes sir!

Private [Name omitted]: Sir, sorry if we are being impatient, but we are still awaiting your orders.

Lieutenant [Name omitted]: Apparently the “calibration of the planar phase shifter is taking longer than expected” –Whatever that means. I recommend that you and your squad take some well-deserved time-off. Take the opportunity to spend some time with your families, or whatever you like to do on your free time.

Private [Name omitted]: Thank you sir. I… We are really grateful.

Lieutenant [Name omitted]: Just try to stay within the vicinity of the base, we might need you back in action on short notice, so no long trips.

Private [Name omitted]: Yes sir! We had enough of holidays since Operation “Resort” anyway. We will make sure to stay put!

Private [Name omitted]: Wow, who knew that Pizza with kebab, fries and béarnaise sauce would work so well together, delicious!

Sergeant [Name omitted]: So good! A Dutch guy I meet a while back named Julien told me that I had to try it out.

Private [Name omitted]: Have to visit the gym straight after though, damn!

Sergeant [Name omitted]: We can probably roll there, haha.


Private [Name omitted]: How long do you think it will take until we get called back in?

Sergeant [Name omitted]: I don’t know, you tell me.

Private [Name omitted]: Wha- What do you mean?

Sergeant [Name omitted]: You are the one getting briefed, even though I am the commanding officer.

Lieutenant [Name omitted]: …

Sergeant [Name omitted]: …

Lieutenant [Name omitted]: So, what happened to Julien?

Sergeant [Name omitted]: I don’t know, some mission in North Korea.

Lieutenant [Name omitted]: No more Béarnaise pizza for him?

Lieutenant [Name omitted]: Maybe Kimchi pizza.

Lead Researcher [Name omitted]: We just need to calibrate the phase shifters to channel 1 and 4 and then--

Lieutenant [Name omitted]: Just tell us how long it´s going to take.

Lead Researcher [Name omitted]: We don´t know, it´s quite complex.

Lieutenant [Name omitted]: So, when it´s done?

Lead Researcher [Name omitted]: Yes, when it´s done.

Long awkward silence

Lead Researcher [Name omitted]: Covfefe?