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On the Turning Tides maps, if the player picks up an Infiltrator Kit with the War Trumpet dog tag equipped, Neebs from Battlefield Friends can be heard attempting to speak morse from the Infiltrator's radio when standing still or walking. Neebs will speak morse for 1 minute until an elephant is heard on the radio. Afterwards Thick44 asks Neebs what he is doing. After the conversation ends, the player can still hear Neebs speaking morse, but it is on a never-ending loop. The conversation can be heard by the Infiltrator and by enemies, but once the conversation has ended, whether or not you actually heard it, as long as you were in the server, it cannot be heard again until the Infiltrator Kit is picked up again or a player leaves and rejoins the server.

Note: Only the Infiltrator has to have War Trumpet dog tag equipped.

Full conversation between BFFs characters:

[Neebs]: Attempting to speak morse

[Thick44]: What are you doing?

[Neebs]: Morse code!

[Neebs]: Continues speaking in morse

[Thick44]: That's not morse code!

[Neebs]: Yes it is.

[Thick44]: You don't know morse code.

[Neebs]: You don't know morse code!

[Thick44]: I don't, but I know that's not morse code.

[Neebs]: Continues speaking in morse

[Thick44]: Okay, what're you saying? What're you saying?

[Neebs]: Send reinforcements!

[Thick44]: It sounded like you were just scatting

[Neebs]: Continues speaking morse code

[Thick44]: Okay, that is scat!

[Neebs]: No.

[Thick44]: That's not morse code.

[Neebs]: No, that was "we took (objective) Edward".

[Thick44]: What you just- You said we took Edward?

[Neebs]: Yeah.

[Thick44]: No, that sounded like jazz.

[Appsro]: Hey, I heard we just took Edwards? Good job.

Transmission ends