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House of Greg


Open the Isolement door
Creator DICE
Discovered 2018-05-07

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NOTE: The House of Greg is a temporary name, as well as the description in the infobox. All information is based on what was discoverd on May 7th, however, as soon as the Easter Egg is solved the information will be changed accordingly.

On the map Vort de Faux, the ISOLEMENT door is now openable after interacting with ten (10) switches, of which nine (9) represent a letter from the word "ISOLEMENT" and one final button to confirm. This Easter Egg has yet to be solved and at this stage it is unknown whether it is part of the Main ARG or a standalone Multiplayer Easter Egg.

Location of the switches


All nine (9) switches that represent a letter from the word "ISOLEMENT" can be found using this map. You must interact with all switches in order to activate the tenth button (NOTE:the bottom E on the map is the first switch that must be clicked of the two E's!). The tenth button is located directly opposite of the final switch. When all siwtches are interacted with, the ISOLEMENT door will make a opening sound which is similar to the sound that was played at the end of the An Omen Easter Egg. Hit the door to undo it from it chains and the door will automatically open.

Inside the ISOLEMENT room

When going through the door you will come in an room of which half is empty and the other half is seperated with bars. Here there is a door on the inside there are four (4) beds, one painting, a shithole and some other things placed. There also are two interactable valves of which the function has yet to be determinded. Behind those valves there are arrow symbols, which look similar to the symbols that can be found somewhere else on the map (location coming soon).