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On the map Caporetto, part of the Apocalypse expansion pack, a gramophone can be found on the south side of the castle ruins at objective B (Conquest), near the Flamethrower Elite Class spawn. The gramophone normally plays a random Battlefield 1 menu song, but specifically after the main Battlefield theme tune is played, a blip of sound can be heard. Slowing it down revealed a voice that said of me you want hehe a want a piece of me hehe. The first half sounded unnatural and cut, so by piecing it back together (to match the second half) you are given the order 3 1 4 2.

All 4 screws at the back of the gramophone are interactable and have a separate interaction prompt. Pressing the screws in a certain order plays a crudely sung version of the Battlefield Theme Tune performed by the Battlefield Friends, followed by a short conversation about eating pigeons.

Triggering the Easter egg

  • Arbitrarily numbering the screws as such:

Top left: 1

Top right: 2

Bottom left: 3

Bottom right: 4

  • Go prone and press the 4 screws in this order:

3142 1234


Additionally, at the back of the gramophone the following is written:

&47 thite jjju kstyle sunnydee robgzzz p.a. j.s

These are thought to be the online handles or the initials of certain DICE developers, possibly the ones involved in the implementation of this Easter egg.