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Battlefield Friends (BFFs) make an appearance in Battlefield 1 with the release of the second expansion pack, In the Name of the Tsar. The characters of the popular animated series are back with their usual hilarious dialogues on the maps Brusilov Keep, Volga River and Lupkow Pass.

Brusilov Keep

To trigger this audio easter egg a player must stand in the middle of the wooden bridge, next to the flagpole of objective C in Conquest. A second player must step out of bounds at the very top of the river stream and then step back in. If done successfully, a bird chirping sound will be heard for confirmation. The second player then needs to get on the bridge, stand next to the other player and wait until the audio dialogue is triggered.

Volga River

On October 21, 2017 a hidden button was found underneath a destroyed tank near the Red Army spawn. You can interact with the hidden button as many times as you like in order to listen to all the available voice lines. The BFFs managed to get themselves stuck inside the tank, hence the placement of the button.

Lupkow Pass

This audio easter egg is triggered when a player is standing in a particular area of the ruins near the Russian Empire spawn. The exact conditions to trigger this easter egg have not been confirmed yet.