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On the map Heligoland Bight, part of the Turning Tides expansion pack, an interaction prompt can be found at one of the metal rails at the top of the lighthouse which triggers the first part of the audio Easter egg where a Battlefield Friends' (BFFs) character can be heard talking to a cat which is meowing and purring. The second interaction prompt is now enabled and can be found at the top of the mast of the crashed ship at Control Point B (Conquest). Once this second part has been triggered, the third and final interaction prompt will be now enabled. It can be found at the base of the shovel at the island where Control Point A (Conquest) is located. In the last audio clip a BFFs character can be heard once more talking to the cat named Togo, when suddenly something happens and the BFFs character can be heard screaming, creating a mystery in regards to his and the cat's fate.


  • Cat purring can be heard near each interaction prompt, hinting at the presence of it. (For the second one the purring can be heard at the base of the mast although the prompt is at the top.)
  • Cat meows are heard after the first two audio clips, coming from the direction of the next prompt, hinting at their locations.
  • In order to reach the second interaction prompt at the top of the mast you have to parachute off an air vehicle.

Togo the Cat is an actual historical figure, being the mascot of H.M.S Dreadnought in 1906.